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We see the beauty in the blueprints.

Have you ever lost the vernacular of a space because the massing lacked a connection to the threshold? We haven’t. But we know what it means.

Meet your new favorite design partner.

Here’s how we’ve developed long-standing relationships with some of the best architects in the industry.

We’ve done our homework.

Kirsten and Laura both carry a master’s degree in interior design and architecture from Drexel University, one of only six professional interiors graduate degree programs in the country.

They are also part of the ASID professional organization, which requires ongoing continuing education credits to maintain membership.

We have crazy high standards for our own team. 

Any designer who works for us is required to have a degree in interior design and interior architecture.

When we start a project we’ll walk in the door with an understanding of proper space planning, scale, proportion, 3D sightlines and spatial adjacencies, construction systems, millwork, lighting design, architectural materials, construction methods, project management, and all facets of ensuring an ideal execution.

We also bring a cutting-edge engagement with current advances in technology, security, audio/visual solutions, lighting, HVAC systems, and much more.

We respect expertise. 

While we strive to speak the vernacular of every architectural style, our designs are engineered to harmonize, not compete with the architectural elements.

We are actively thinking about working with the flow of the room both aesthetically and technically.

We’ll make you look good.

We’ve built our own portfolio on a foundation of solid partnerships.

Meadowbank Design Open French Doors
Meadowbank Gladwyne Red Doors

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