Interior Design Services

Our work may be upscale, but our process is
delightfully down-to-earth.

1. Discover

Our first step is to get to know everything about you and your goals. We’ll dive into your lifestyle, priorities, and inspirations— even those big design dreams that seem the most daunting.

Your first step is to feel at ease. We’ve got you.

2. Concept

Our design concept will come together with a mix of collaboration and inspiring suggestions. By building a library of mood boards and key images, we’ll fully establish what’s at the heart of your style.

When it’s time to start designing we’ll be masters of your visual vocabulary, so you’ll know everything we bring to the table will be the best possible version of you.

3. Present

Get excited. Our presentation phase is the reason why you bring in a professional. It’s more than a presentation, it’s a celebration of your taste—with plenty of samples, sketches, and specific selections.

We’ll source all of your furnishing, lighting, finishes, window treatments, art, and accessories—we can even select the small stuff like dishes and cutlery.

For new builds and renovations, we’ll also select your fixtures, millwork, and hardware. Here our technical expertise sets us apart in spectacular ways, especially with historic homes. We’ll deliver elevations, 3D models or renderings, layouts, and all the custom elements we’ve discovered along the way.

We can partner beautifully with your contractors and architects. Or use our past partnerships to help you find the right trade professionals.

Still reading? We have a lot to say because we really care about getting every detail right. But our organized approach will leave you energized, never overwhelmed.

4. Produce

Let the project management begin.

This is where we’ll slip into the void of work and keep all the operational stuff behind the scenes while keeping you fully updated on the big picture process.

A beautiful design is nothing if it can’t be executed with efficiency and total transparency.

5. Enjoy

The best part. When it all comes to life. Our onsite team will be there to ensure everything is received, installed, and styled to perfection.

Sound like a plan? Let’s get to work!

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Stairway Interior Design

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