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How Do You Work?

We utilize an in-depth 11-step project design process that we review with you prior to commencing work.  Whether or not you have worked with a designer before, our process has been honed over the years to take stress off of you and yield a beautiful representation of your taste. Our basic design process and workflow consists of five phases…

1) Understanding you and your needs

2) Concept Development

3) Design Development and Presentation

4) Project Management

5) Installation and Styling


Phase 1: Understanding You and Your Needs

We believe real luxury is the ability to have your home reflect your authentic personality and then elevate it to the next level—to help you push yourself to the place that maybe scares you just a little (in a good way) and create a home you may have possibly visualized…but maybe you were afraid to go there or you didn’t think you could attain it.

The goal of Phase 1 is to understand you—your goals and dreams for your home, your lifestyle and priorities, and your personal design style.

We discuss how you want to feel and function in your home, the scope of the full project, your investment, our process, and our design fees. We’ll also review your collected Pinterest boards or other inspirational images that demonstrate what you are drawn to. We really want to know you—so we can create something personal and amazing.


Phase 2: Concept Development

This phase is about finding the right direction. We will have an additional meeting to discuss initial design concepts for the project based on our analysis of the existing or proposed architecture of your home, to consider ideas of where we can “take you or push you”, and take in your feedback before we hit the metaphorical drawing board of moving to Phase 3.

All parties will have a keen understanding and agreement surrounding project goals and direction, preparing us to embark on the Design Development Phase.

The goal is to ensure we are moving forward in the best possible way and you are excited by the design possibilities for your home. 


Phase 3: Design Development and Presentation

This is when the excitement really starts to build. We take all of your input and our ideas, the architectural elements, lighting considerations, and practical lifestyle requirements unique to your home and your family, and we develop a clear presentation for you, bringing our ideas to life.

In this phase, we source all of the furnishings, lighting, finishes, window treatments, art, key accessories, etc. For new builds and renovations, we also select all of the fixtures and millwork required by the scope of work. We detail all of the plans, key elevations, 3D models or renderings and concept layouts for the house, and any custom items or applications are sketched out.

We then present all of this to you. You will see each fabric, finish and detail all tied back to your approved design scope and we will provide you with an investment proposal.

We review and discuss your feedback to create a design plan perfectly suited to you. In this phase you will have a clear view of the new design for your home, preparing us to embark on Phase 4. 


Phase 4: Project Management Phase

A beautiful design is nothing if it cannot be executed properly and efficiently. We understand you have limited availability to handle the myriad of details involved in a design project. Our goal is to make the process as easy and seamless as possible for you.

We will schedule on-site consultations with third-parties to review the project concepts and take detailed measurements in order to receive accurate quotes and review potential obstacles and options from the start. Once proposals are signed and payment is received, orders are placed and timelines will be confirmed.

We handle all selection, specification, ordering, delivery, and installation of all decor items for your project—everything from furniture to lighting to artwork to window treatments. We manage the complex organizational demands of executing your design project.

If your project is a new build or a renovation, this is when construction begins.   


Phase 5: Installation and Styling

Working with our team of receivers, delivery professionals, and installers, we ensure the carefully selected items for your home are handled with care and installed to our specifications.

Our team will be onsite for the installations to ensure that all of the work being done is correct and that you are getting the home of your dreams!

What kinds of projects do you take on?  

We handle turnkey design projects from ground-up construction, serving as part of your design/build team, as well as renovations and decoration projects. 

We also provide a pre-build design service for those who just need help with selections for a home they are building or a renovation and feel stressed by this process. This involves assisting you with the overall vision for your soon-to-be-built home, enabling you to make these choices quickly and efficiently.


Would you design just one room instead of a whole house?

Yes, we are happy to design one room as long as our project schedule allows. The important thing is that both parties are in alignment about the value we can provide and the quality of the completion of the room.

Short answer: if you are only going to do one room, we will work with you to create an amazing, complete room!


I don’t know if I want full-service design. Can I just use you for some things and I’ll do some things?

Meadowbank’s real value comes from our decades of experience handling full-scale interior design projects—from a beautifully finished room to a whole home. We are a well-oiled machine when it comes to nailing the complex details of a full project.

When there are too many cooks in the proverbial kitchen, the design just never gets executed the same way and the end result usually isn’t reflective of the true design intent. We want both parties to be delighted by the experience, the aesthetics, and the quality of the design. For this reason, we specialize in full-service projects and delight in being able to handle everything.

How will you nail down my style?  What’s the process to find out what I like?

We will be doing extensive interviews with you throughout the entire process to not only find out about your likes and dislikes, but also draw inspiration and ideas guided by how you like to live and what design choices would be most appropriate for you.

Does your spouse come home sweaty from a tennis game and sit right on your grandmother’s “good” chair? Do you need an entire room dedicated to your collection of vintage handbags? Do you need a bedside drawer just for earplugs? We don’t judge—we need to know these things to create the best design for you!

We are discovering how you need your rooms to function down to minute details like if your cat likes to sleep on the arm of your sofa or if your child must play “hot lava” across your living room furniture.

We will also ask you to provide a Pinterest board so that we can see what you respond to. Truly, that is where our intuitive interview and discussion process really kicks up a notch. (Hey, we have been doing this for almost two decades and have learned a thing or two about figuring out what people are drawn to.)

We will then have an extra meeting to show you a design direction and ask for feedback.

Fun fact: in this meeting, almost 90% of the time, our clients love our “pre-design” presentation so much, that it ends up being the actual design foundation for the room or home.


Does the architecture of the house play a role in the design of the space?

100% YES. We are educated in Interior Architecture as well as decoration and this is something that is the foundation of our design process.

We will be suggesting things that complement the architecture, not putting a square peg in a round hole. This is often an intangible part of aesthetics when clients call us and they aren’t sure what is exactly “wrong” with their house but know it is “something.”

It often starts with the architecture and trying to fight against it. We can take an educated eye to discuss ways to make proper corrections and enhancements and point you in the right direction for a design that will make your house come together in the way you really need it to, to bring all of your Pinterest ideas to life. And if it is beyond our job description, we know some amazing architects and contractors that we can partner with to really get your house dreams realized.


What if I have furniture or items that I want to integrate into the design?

Most of our clients do! A lot of our clients have inherited antiques or other sentimental items and collections that they would like to incorporate into a design. We can help you do that.

Did you just buy a new sofa before you called us to start work? Don’t worry—we will evaluate that and if it works, we will help you use it. If it was a huge mistake, we can find it a good home!


Do you have a trusted team of painters, installers and workrooms? 

Absolutely. We are nothing without our stellar list of contractors and fabricators. They help us realize your vision and are as dedicated to the finished product as we are. They often travel with us around the country to our project sites as we don’t like to trust things to just anyone!

Are you building a vacation home out of state? If it makes more sense to hire local fabricators, we have a vetting process to find the best suppliers in the area.


How do you communicate during my project?

With our 11-step project process, you will know at each stage of the process when we are meeting to discuss the various details of the project, as well as weekly or biweekly updates during the implementation phase.

We love to discuss things with you on the phone or in-person for efficiency but in general, we prefer to communicate bigger things via email for instructions, decisions or a change of plans as it allows us to keep a record of communications during a project.


What is the timeline for a typical project?

If your project is a new construction, renovation or decoration project, the timeline will vary depending on the size, scope of the project, amount of construction required and construction schedule.

For the design phase of a project (interviewing, survey, conceptual design presentation), that timeline can take 6-16 weeks depending on the size and scope of a project (is it two rooms or an entire estate property with a home and outbuildings on the property?)

If you are building a home, we work with contractors who present a professional timeline for their work based on a thorough estimate, complete construction documents, and scope of work—ensuring that you will know your timeline based on all of this information and when all of the important phases are taking place.


How much will this cost?

That’s the big question, right? Since every project and level of investment is different, we have a process we use to determine a working budget for our clients during our initial meetings depending on the scope of the project.

We work within a “Good, Better, Best” framework based on similar projects we have completed, that account for everything you may want for your rooms and aesthetic.

We will then discuss where you want to focus your investment on more special or quality items or spaces. We will also be able to determine a range of design fees based on that scope and vision.

Ready to discuss your project? We can’t wait to speak with you!

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