About Meadowbank Designs

When you hire the right team, 90% of your work is done.

What’s the other 10%? Exploring undiscovered aspects of your style. Sleeping soundly knowing we have your back. Getting excited about the reveal.

Who we are…

Award-winning designers Laura Buchner and Kirsten McCoy serve as the principal partners of Meadowbank Designs, established in 1982. Our firm was founded by Penny Steele and named after her celebrated estate on the Main Line of Philadelphia.

Laura and Kirsten met at Drexel University, where they both earned their Master of Science in Interior Architecture. After graduation, they expanded their expertise by working under Penny’s guidance until purchasing the company in 2005.

Kirsten McCoy & Laura Buchner

Kirsten McCoy & Laura Buchner

What we do…

We are invested in creating deeply custom work that can only exist within the world of each individual client. Bilingual in the language of interiors, we can speak style to clients and contractors alike. And seeing your space from every angle is where we’ve put in our ten thousand hours— our mission is to give our clients total confidence that they are getting the absolute industry best.

Why we win awards…

With additional background in psychology and business, Laura and Kirsten are adept at providing intuitive design counsel that goes beyond the aesthetic to find the hidden heart of what our clients love.

But it’s our obsession with every detail that sets us apart.

Our expertise doesn’t end at aesthetics— we’ve learned how homes are made. And with this knowledge, we can truly honor the artistry of our industry partners, artisans, and architects. Building a reputation as a sought after partner has been an award in itself. Our contact list includes some of the top trade professionals in the game.

We are the definition of full-service. We’ll be there for the deeply technical, the exquisitely ornamental, and every intangible detail in between.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about you. Ready to plan your dream home?

Meet the Team

Zack Schmid

Zach Schmid

Senior Designer

Elle Knighton

Elle Knighton

Associate Designer

Beth Cione

Beth Cione

Project Manager

Jennifer Vengerowsky

Jennifer Vengerowsky

Operations Manager

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