We Are having A Party!

We Are having A Party!

We are having a party. A Special party,   for our clients and colleagues because we value them and want to do something unique and memorable. Creating the ambience and setting the stage requires a few steps, and with a little excitement and anticipation we would like to share this with you.


We invited a special guest, author Meg Lukens Noonan, who wrote about a $50,000K coat; how it was made, from the tiniest detail of how the silk was spun to the construction of the garment, to join our luncheon, held at the iconic Wayne Hotel. Needing an intimate setting with delicious food, The Paramour Restaurant is just the perfect size to host this venue, providing the exclusive space to mingle after a delightful meal. Here is a picture and link to more venues in The Wayne Hotel.





Whenever we host a party it always comes down to the 5 W’s, who, what, where, when, why and how?

You want to make sure your guests have an interesting and fun time in the setting that is beautiful and expresses your graciousness. Set the tone with the invitation and venue. Our graphic designer created this jazzy, distinctive design; more special than we could have thought…. Hmm, we do that for our clients when designing their homes. Here is the invitation to set the tone.Medowbank_Custom_Invite_RedCreative



Come back in a couple of weeks and we will share some videos from the event. We are so excited, about entertaining our esteemed clients and colleagues and curious about that coat.

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