Laura Buchner

Laura Buchner (Principal Partner)

LauraLaura’s lifelong passion for interior design and architecture is evident in everything she does, and it’s hard for her not to talk about it when meeting new clients, friends, and colleagues.  Laura’s interest in architecture and design was sparked at a young age by her parents’ experience in hiring an architect to build their dream home in Indianapolis.  Laura’s interest and expertise with color, furniture, and fabrics grew over the years.    After attending Wittenberg University and earning a B.A. in Management, Laura realized her career needed something more.  Talking about her passion, reading design journals, shopping, and attending lectures on interior design just weren’t enough.  She then completed her M.S. in Interior Design and Architecture from Drexel University, and was quickly hired by Penny Steele of Meadowbank Designs.

Working as an Au Pair in France during the summers of graduate school, Laura was able to travel extensively and gain an awareness and appreciation for cultural differences and styles.   In her travels, she was inspired by human behavior and how we find contentment in our surroundings.  The layout of a room’s furniture, the color combinations, the lighting, and how the space is perceived are fundamentals in each design.  Laura’s relationships with clients are informal, comfortable, and friendly.  Her eye for color, style, and her unique ideas are refreshing and tailored to each client’s vision and budget.

Laura gains constant inspiration for design by guest lecturing and critiquing student work at Drexel University, and advances her knowledge base through studies at the Winterthur Museum.

When not designing, you can usually find Laura on the tennis court or enjoying her husband, Ray, two young sons, Raymond and Jake, and dog, Finnegan on their horse farm in West Chester, PA.

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