Hello and Welcome to Meadowbank Memes!

Hello and Welcome to Meadowbank Memes!

We are excited and pleased to announce, our upcoming ten year anniversary, our new blog, Meadowbank Memes and the publication in the current issue (December2014) of Philadelphia Magazine!

Just a bit about us: Laura and I met as classmates at Drexel University.  We were both studying for our Masters of Science in Interior Architecture and Design. Laura started working for Penny Steele, the founder of Meadowbank Designs, asking me to join her soon after. We were fortunate to start our careers creating luxury custom designs for a large estate on the Main Line. In the midst of this work, Laura and I purchased Meadowbank Designs. That was nearly a decade ago. We’ve been busy ever since – designing luxurious livable environments that personify our clients’ lives and families.

We love what we do and enjoy using our creativity and knowledge to design homes and spaces that reflect our clients’ basic and most heartfelt desires.

In the December issue of Philadelphia Magazine, Meadowbank Designs is this month’s,” Pro’s You Should Know”. We share a few of our “memes” on how to make your holiday season more fun and where to enjoy your holiday decorating funds using local sources in our community.

Philadelphia Magazine could only publish a few of our tips.  So, if you don’t have a copy of the magazine, here are the tips and a few more that did not make it to publication.

This holiday season visit Terrain and Valley Forge Flowers for interesting seasonal décor, or treat yourself to a custom flower arrangement for the dining table when guests arrive to celebrate the holidays. Indulge in The Container Store to get inspired for supplies to organize your seasonal accessories in a safe, well- protected, bug-free and break-free area so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. Be on the hunt for outdoor furniture sales and be ahead of the game for this coming Spring.

Another really important tip for anyone undertaking a renovation project, from top to bottom have your entire team on the same page, architect, interior designer, landscape architect and contractor.  Pay attention to the architecture of your home and find a style you love that complements the interior and the exterior. If you’re on a budget, work in phases with a master plan.

A few trends we are seeing:

  • Gray is the new beige.
  • Neutrals with pops of color.
  • Antique brass hardware is en vogue in the kitchen.
  • Also chintz is back with modern fresh coloring and patterns.
  • Mixing traditional furniture with modern and transitional pieces.

It is a great honor to celebrate ten years of working with my closest friend and working for families that allow us to help them create and enhance their quality of life… Our Meadowbank Memes allows us to share what we do for our clients and we hope that you enjoy reading our tips.

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