Custom Stairway Runner Install

Custom Stairway Runner Install

The other week we wrapped up an awesome stairway runner install, and we were thrilled with the results! It’s always fun to see a space transform, especially when changing out a major focal point like the staircase.

We knew we wanted to add a decorative tape trim detail for a more customized look, and ended up choosing a classic blue and white geometric for our Palm Beach loving client!

This detail really “popped” and looked incredible against the white wood paneling and coordinating pale blue lattice wallcovering.

Villanova Runner 1


We worked with the amazing team from Prism Carpets who created the goods in-house before install day, so everything was ready upon arrival.  Above was our first peak as it was being unrolled, and right away we knew it was going to be a good install day!

Villanova Runner 2

The piece was laid out, measured and ready to go! Next came the noise – hammers, staple guns – the works!

Villanova Runner 3

Before we knew it, we had this masterpiece on our hands…

villanova Runner 4


Its all about the details, right?

We set the design with 3″-4″ side margins leaving a nice contrast of the gorgeous stained stairs.

Villanova Runner 5

The runner hit just to the underbelly of the top step.

You can also spy the pretty wallpaper that runs down the second floor hallway in the shot above.

Villanova Runner 7

Designer Pro Tip: When installing a stairway runner we recommend you ALWAYS turn the corners on the landings (see above image). You may be tempted to skip the turn as it will save you quite a bit of money, but it really doesn’t provide the same “high-end” look when you cut corners (see what we did there??). When you follow the natural curve of your stairs, you get an overall more “finished” look. You can really see the labor that goes into the process, and you come away with a much more custom design.

(Pssst! – don’t miss the dreamy window seat install that we just finished as well!)

Villanova Runner 6

A common misconception is that you have to select a carpet border or carpet specific binding in order to achieve the above look. We fell in love with this Scalamandre tape trim (used typically for window treatment edges or sofa skirts) and simply applied it on TOP of the carpet goods! You can work with pretty much any tape trim and certainly do not have to limit yourself in this area.

All in all it was a successful install day and we had one exceedingly happy client!

Carpet: Belbridge

Greek Key Tape Trim: Scalamandre.

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