The Bespoke Chandelier

The Bespoke Chandelier

When people speak about “bespoke” and “custom made,” what do they really mean? Bespoke invokes a feeling of excitement and comfort, something especially made to fit the body, environment or event. The intangible feeling of something well made specifically for you is priceless in so many ways. Tangible in that it is only for you and that extra time and skills went into the production of it. Bespoke, it’s all about the details!

To share in our excitement and anticipation around our event on April 1st at the Wayne Hotel, we had an invitation custom made for us. Working with a graphic designer is as much fun as being an interior designer.

We asked Russ Winer our graphic designer at Red Creative ( to create a custom invitation, he used letterpress with a hidden needle and thread thru heavy paper for a luncheon hosting Meg Lukens Noonan, the author of The Coat Route: Craft, Luxury, & Obsession on the Trail of a $50,000 Coat. Russ came up with this fantastic design. Look at the back, how did he do that?

invite 1

invite 2 We had as much fun designing this chandelier, to fit this opulent dining room, when we couldn’t find anything to fit the space or that had just the right aesthetics the client was looking for. We start with a design, a sketch and then have mock up made. Sometimes you need to make two; to see if bigger is better.


invite 3


In this case it was.    invite4


Seeing your design completed by the fabricator is a sense of relief and tiny bit of pride. It usually turns out looking better than you thought, but collaborating with true craftspeople is the key. Matt White at Heritage Metal Works, LTD is an artist and he delivers on time. Completed and ready for shipping to its final destination looks like this. Their site is

invite 5

This sense of excitement and expectation for the next step, over the years has gotten a little more manageable.

Drum roll, please and ……. Viola!

invite 6


Lots of love, good food and cheer to share under this chandelier, custom made for this space to be enjoyed for many years to come. Bespoke and custom made starts with listening to your clients, hearing their delights and creating specific designs using their ideas, our knowledge and expertise to create something that resonates with them on a daily basis. The beautiful plaster ceiling designs created by Peter Zimmerman Architects involved some meticulous rosettes.Using rosettes in the chandelier  along with the embellished ceiling ties in perfectly, creating a cozy feel in such a large space. Next week, we’ll share the chandelier for the family room!  Hint…. More beautiful rosettes!

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  • Gorgeous chandelier!! So fun seeing the process and the final product is stunning. That’s one lucky client!

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