The American Dream: Love, Luck and Fine Design- Laura’s Story

The American Dream: Love, Luck and Fine Design- Laura’s Story


All the experiences you have in the past bring you up to this point and I have been incredibly fortunate in the past decade. For me 2005 was an awesome year. Kirsten and I purchased Meadowbank Designs, and a few months later I met my husband! Since then, our family has grown to include two healthy little boys and we’ve been lucky and wise in our real estate investments. We live on a working horse farm in a renovated Cape Cod-style house. We had been looking for years to purchase the perfect piece of land to build our dream home on. Three and half years ago, we moved here. Now we are ready for this next step – to build our dream home!


I know my style, but getting ‘there ‘is a bit like helping my clients define who they are and what makes  them feel comfortable. Although I have been designing formal homes for the last decade, I love the rustic farmhouse. The gracious parts of formal living such as wood moldings, a large foyer and sweeping staircases are compatible with our casual living style and our love for the rustic

The best part of this process of merging the rustic with the graceful is that I’m a confident decision maker, have so many resources to pick from, and have established relationships with vendors and artisans. I enjoy selecting colors for my kitchen while knowing where everything has been fabricated and the quality of craftsmanship.

My growing family and business this past decade gets me excited to break ground on our new home. I understand the trepidation, planning and searching for the perfect place to build your dream home. Budgets, time constraints, color selection, articulating your needs (even the ones you didn’t know you had) and meticulously designing is what I do best. I see and design beautiful things all day long. How much of it is for my home is yet to be determined. Stay tuned. After we break ground, I’ll share all the exciting design details of my dream home.

Cape Cod Style house- Peter Zimmerman Architects

I was happy with my little house, but I married a dreamer……

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