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Scout Local

If you have yet to discover The Scout Guide, you are in for a treat. Prepare to be visually inspired, locally engaged, and ready to shop!

These are the coolest source books on the block, showcasing a perfectly curated list of independently owned businesses that are at the top of their game! What started solely as an online presence in Charlottesville, VA quickly grew into a gorgeous print publication, encouraging it’s readers to live beautifully while living locally…now that’s a lifestyle motto we can get behind!


Scout Guide Main Photo


Did we mention how gorgeous these books are? Before you even crack open the cover, you are greeted with brightly colored bindings and TSG’s signature emblem (now that’s a logo!). This just may be your cocktail table’s new best friend.

Scout Guide Philly and Mainline Cover


But besides being visually appealing, we stand with The Scout Guide because we love their message of community support! You may remember the “live local/shop local” campaigns that everyone started buzzing about a few years back? Well, that buzz is here to stay, because supporting small/local business (really just supporting one another in general) will always be the cool thing to do. Not to mention, there is so much to discover right in your own little town, you may surprise even yourself. I’m always happy to see my favorites listed among the best of the best, but also love to discover brand new local players!

Scout Guide Stacked Books


A quick visit to the site and you’ll come across the “What We Believe” page. All we can say is #brandcrush…read on and you’ll understand why.

What We Believe

1.We believe in creating a beautiful, simple, well-curated life.
2.We believe in authenticity.
3.We believe in storytelling.
4.We believe in relationships.
5.We believe in being proactive, engaged members of our communities.
6.We believe in sharing what we love, advocating for one another, and supporting each other.
7.We believe you should always remain curious, keep seeking inspiration, and be open to discovery.
8.We believe everything you need to have a beautiful life can be found within your own community.

(Taken from the Scout Guide website)


So do we, Scout Guide!!

Confession: I definitely printed this out and tacked it up in my office for on-going inspiration!

You can shop all of the guides here. This is not a sponsored post, but we definitely encourage you to order up the next volume of TSG (coming this fall) and you just may see some familiar faces (wink wink ;) )


Locally yours,

– The Meadowbank Team

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