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The Bespoke Chandelier

When people speak about “bespoke” and “custom made,” what do they really mean? Bespoke invokes a feeling of excitement and comfort, something especially made to fit the body, environment or event. The intangible feeling of something well made specifically for you is priceless in so many ways. Tangible in that it is only for you and that extra time and skills went into the production of it. Bespoke, it’s all about the details!

To share in our excitement and anticipation around our event on April 1st at the Wayne Hotel, we had an invitation custom made for us. Working with a graphic designer is as much fun as being an interior designer.

We asked Russ Winer our graphic designer at Red Creative ( to create a custom invitation, he used letterpress with a hidden needle and thread thru heavy paper for a luncheon hosting Meg Lukens Noonan, the author of The Coat Route: Craft, Luxury, & Obsession on the Trail of a $50,000 Coat. Russ came up with this fantastic design. Look at the back, how did he do that?

invite 1

invite 2

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We Are having A Party!

We are having a party. A Special party,   for our clients and colleagues because we value them and want to do something unique and memorable. Creating the ambience and setting the stage requires a few steps, and with a little excitement and anticipation we would like to share this with you.


We invited a special guest, author Meg Lukens Noonan, who wrote about a $50,000K coat; how it was made, from the tiniest detail of how the silk was spun to the construction of the garment, to join our luncheon, held at the iconic Wayne Hotel. Needing an intimate setting with delicious food, The Paramour Restaurant is just the perfect size to host this venue, providing the exclusive space to mingle after a delightful meal. Here is a picture and link to more venues in The Wayne Hotel.


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Designing for the Francophile

Everyone’s favorite trade show to attend, Maison & Object, was in Paris recently. Even better than attending is designing for the Francophile, an ultimate dream project for just about any interior designer.  Held every year in January, Maison & Object brings together all the new products, design and talent throughout Europe. New cutting edge ideas and merchandise are sold; vendors and designers all gather in the City of Light and Love to discover and showcase new wares. Paris, France and all things French infuse a “joie du vivre,” or excitement for life, that is part of their culture and daily living experience. Check out the debut of this pendalogue shaped chandelier, now that’s a new take on a lighting fixture!


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